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Garden Hod Harvest Basket

You will find that The Garden Hod Harvest Vegetable Basket is the easiest and fastest way to harvest, clean, and display your favorite fruits and vegetables.

Now you can collect your vegetables out of the garden
 with this unique and useful Garden Hod and rinse them off with ease before you bring them inside your home.

The "Made in Maine" Garden Vegetable Harvest Basket is a beautiful way to display your fruits, vegetables, breads, bagels, picnic supplies and more!


The Garden Hod Vegetable Harvest basket is very durable so you can use it to carry and store just about anything. The Pike's Original Garden Hod is handcrafted with care and is guaranteed to add charm and warmth to any room.

The Pike's Original Garden Hod Vegetable Harvesting Basket

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"Made in Maine" with pure craftsmanship and pride.

Once you try The Garden Hod Harvest Basket, you will wonder how you ever managed to be without one.
That's why we are willing to give you a full 30 days no questioned asked money back guarantee.
Try it now risk free!


Two sizes are available.

 The L'il Hod (Shown on the left above) measures 16"L x 9"W x 5 1/4"H with about 1 peck (8 Quarts) holding capacity
The Original Hod (Shown on the Right above) measures 18 1/2"L x 11"W x 7"H with about 2 pecks (16 Quarts) holding capacity.

Both sizes comes with the Pike's original Maine Garden Hod Branding (one end only).

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Shipping is only $9.50 on this item
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Born from pure Yankee ingenuity, Pike's original Maine Garden Vegetable Hod reflects the very best of Maine's long tradition of functional art, craftsmanship and utility. Designed as a harvesting basket, but used for everything from a picnic basket to a knitting basket, magazine rack, or even a place to store kindling at the fireplace.

Originally used as a tool by New England clammers, the Hod is designed with a vinyl coated (Aquamesh) weather resistant wire mesh basket, allowing dirt and mud to easily wash off and fall through. The sides of the Hod are made out of pine and the rails are made of birch. A steam bent oak handle is the final touch, proving strength and beauty.

You will find it simple to clean all your fruits and Vegetables in the weather resistant Hod.
 Take your Hod to the open air Farmers Market and load it up.
Take it to the grocery store and be green.


The wire mesh basket of the Garden Hod provides the best way for storing your fruits and vegetables after you clean them.
  Air circulates easily through the garden hod, allowing your freshly washed fruits and vegetables to dry faster and stay fresh.

 The Garden Hod has been Hand Crafted with care and pride making the Pike's Original Garden vegetable hod basket a wonderful addition to every room.
The Garden Hod is the perfect decorative basket to store almost anything.

 A real attention grabber and conversation piece, the Garden Hod harvest basket is not only
 a very unique and useful tool but it is also a beautiful piece of furniture,
  enhancing any room.


Use your new Pike's Garden Hod for to create your container garden and add
charm to every room

Garden Hod
 Choose your size

We believe you will enjoy your Pike's Original Vegetable Garden Hod so much that we give a 30 day money back guarantee

This is a Great way to create a gift basket for friends and family.

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