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Nite Note® is a handy note pad holder that instantly lights up when you remove the Pen from its holder.
Every Nite Note comes with it’s own Amazing “Fisher Space Pen” that writes at any angle and even upside down.

The Perfect Memo Note Pad that comes with a Light for use everywhere day or night.


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The Nite Note® is a Convenient Memo Note Pad with Light that is contoured to fit your hand and lights up automatically
when you remove the
“Fisher Space Pen” from its holder.

Great for students, contractors, moms,
business people, writers, campers, artists and more!

The perfect gift idea for anybody who wakes up at night with thoughts, new ideas, interesting dreams, or inspirations.

The NiteNote® instantly illuminates the note pad so you can capture your thoughts while still letting others around you rest undisturbed.

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1 Nite Note $19.95, Buy 2 Nite Notes Only $37.95, Buy 3 Nite Notes Only $49.50




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