KAZeKUP Product Review: Real World Testing

Written by Mathew Wright: Auto repair expert

At first glance you see the KAZeKUP cup holder and think, “Why do I need this? My car already has a cup holder.” But if you think for a few minutes you can come up with a whole list of limitations most car cup holders have. The question is, can the Kaz e Kup cup holder change your driving life? See the original post – review here.

Real World Testing

I spend a lot of time in my truck either commuting to work or on the road picking up a car. Anyone who does road trips or spends a lot of time in their car knows that you have to be able to put your hands on your coffee. Once I thought about the problems I had with my cup holder I can’t imagine how I ever drove with coffee before the KazeKup was in my cup holder. One of the biggest problems with cup holders is they’re too shallow for today’s brand of big cups and big mugs, so invariably you turn a corner and your drink spills. When the spill is really bad your cup holder becomes a nice pool of whatever it is you’re drinking, and the next time you pick up the cup it drips all over you and your clothes.

The Kaz e Kup eliminates both of these problems. Its high shape keeps any size cup from tipping and if some of the liquid does spill, there is a raised piece at the bottom that makes any liquid go into a moat, thereby never touching the bottom of the cup. This is genius!
Another great feature about the KAZeKUP is the large target area. I’ve noticed when night driving that getting your cup into a cup holder can be challenging, and it can distract you from the road. With the Kaz e Kup none of this is a problem, you could practically throw your cup at it and it would make it into the cup holder. Did I mention the cup holder is dishwasher safe? All in all this is a cheap way to make your life a lot better while driving, it is money well spent. Also, be sure to check out the whole line of other cup ideas that the folks at Kaz e Kup have, brilliant!

For more info, pics, and uses check out http://giftsbykaz.com/product/kaz-e-kup

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