Replacement Jeans Button- Instant Button for Jeans



Instant Button replacement jeans button allows you to adjust, repair and wear your favorite jeans and pants in seconds.

Quickly adjust the location of your pants button so that you can live in perfect comfort even if you just lost or gained a few pounds.

The ‘Instant Button’ for denim Jeans and pants is a brand new removable replacement button that allows you to adjust or repair and wear your favorite pants or denim jeans.


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Instant Button Replacement Jeans Button

The Ultimate “Perfect Fit” replacement jeans button allows you to quickly adjust the size of your pants waistline by simply moving the button to the desired location. The Instant Button’s “easy on easy off” technology makes it the perfect solution for the in-between sizes or when you gain or loose a little weight.

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Loosen or tighten your pants with ‘Instant Button’
Replace a lost or broken button in seconds with ‘Instant Button’


Have you ever wished you could get a little extra room out of your jeans or pants? Maybe you just lost some weight and want to tighten your pants.

Have you ever popped or lost the button on your favorite pants?

The Instant Button replacement button helps you solve these problems. Now you can adjust, repair and wear your jeans in just seconds.

If you are you looking to add a little extra bling to your outfit? check out the rhinestone instant button

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

1 box containing 2 Silver buttons $15.00, 1 box containing 2 Copper buttons $15.00, 1 box Silver AND 1 box Copper (4 buttons) $27.50, 2 boxes Silver (4 buttons) $27.50, 2 boxes Copper (4 buttons) $27.50


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