Replacement Cup Holder Insert For Auto, RV and More

The KAZeKUP® Replacement Cup Holder is designed to replace any cup holder in any car, truck, RV, sofa, poker table, tractor, lawn chair, boat, and more!

The KAZeKUP®’s unique design makes it the perfect replacement cup holder for just about any situation. It also provides a great improvement for your existing cup holders by just dropping it in place.

Are you looking to replace a cup holder that is lost, broken, or just so dirty you can’t clean it anymore? Or maybe you are looking to improve an existing cup holder that functions poorly due to it being too small, too big, too short, or too tall? Then the KAZeKUP® Replacement Cup Holder Insert is definitely something you will want to take a closer look at. It can fix all these problems the moment it is put it in place.

If you are looking for a quality replacement cup holder insert that can be used to replace just about any Cup Holder Insert then the KAZeKUP® is the cup holder insert for you. The base of the KAZeKUP® is tapered in such a way as to allow it to fit into endless cup holder sizes, accommodating almost any situation.

What is so different about the function of the KAZeKUP® Replacement Cup Holder Insert compared with other Cup Holder inserts? Well, Just Take a look inside the KAZeKUP® and you will quickly see why this Patented design has so much more to offer over other leading brands.

Let’s start at the base of the KAZeKUP® and work our way up. The base of the KAZeKUP® is truly one of the best parts of the KAZeKUP®. The bottom of the KAZeKUP® has been designed with a self-contained reservoir where spills and drips are collected and stored away from your beverage, keeping you and the surrounding area clean. That’s right, If your drink spills, condensates, or drips in any way The KAZeKUP® replacement Cup Holder Insert has been designed to capture those spills and drips and store them in its own self-contained reservoir at the base of the KUP. The KAZeKUP® Replacement Cup Holder Insert is dishwasher safe and portable making clean ups a snap.

The unique design of the KAZeKUP® Replacement Cup Holder Insert gives it the ability to hold almost any size drink regardless of whether it is too big or small, square or round, tall or short. The KAZeKUP® is well known for its ability to hold those super-sized cups that contain your favorite fountain sodas or frozen drinks found at convenient stores and fast-food restaurants. The Big Gulp, Coolada, Slurpee, Giant, and other popular large drinks are now easily held securely.

If you are looking to add a new cup holder where one does not yet exist the KAZeKUP® Replacement Cup Holder has a complete line of accessories that allow you to add a new cup holder just about anywhere. There is the beach pole for beach lovers, A camping stake attachment for campers, Magnetic attachments for your workshop, office, RV, tractor and more. There is a 1″ spring clamp that clamps just about anywhere and lastly, there is a Tail Gate Stand that can be placed alongside you no matter where you are.

Check out this “bright” idea. Now you can easily add LED lights to your KAZeKUP® Replacement Cup Holder. Are you are tired of not being able to see your cup holder in the dark of the night? Then simply add the LED Light Kit to your KAZeKUP® and you are sure to be de”lighted”. The LED light Kit easily plugs into the 12V adapter (or cigarette lighter) found in most vehicles. The LED Light kit then attaches to the top portion of the KAZeKUP® and shines down into the KAZeKUP® creating a well-lit cup holder. This is the perfect accessory to add to your vehicle when traveling on dark unlit roads.

If you are a boater, then add the LED lights to the KAZeKUP®’s in your boat and create a great evening atmosphere for all aboard. The LED lights have a built-in switch, so you can turn them on and off with ease.