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Our Goal Is To Make Your Gift Giving Experience EASY!

Regardless of whether you are purchasing gifts for your mother, brother, sister-in-law, boss, wife, friend or yourself, our products are designed to make your gift giving experience easy. As you will see, we have been able to bring together a variety of products that are NEW to the marketplace and provide a USEFULNESS that make them the PERFECT GIFT for anyone, anytime.

You will be certain to make the recipient of any of these great gift ideas happy when they see how thoughtful you were in choosing a gift that can actually be used and enjoyed for many years to come. We feature new innovative ideas created by private inventors, and craftsman that “make people’s lives better” because of their usefulness, simplicity and problem solving technology or when it comes to our art,  an amazing warming and comforting feeling.

We know how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for that special someone. We hope that you will find that our product line makes those choices a bit easier by offering unique gift ideas for everyone.

Please remember to bookmark us now and check back often as we add more great gifts.

If you are a private inventor with a great new product or a craftsman hand making a unique and useful product, and you think your product is a perfect fit for our web pages, we would love to hear from you.

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Gifts By Kaz

So, you still want a little more info? Well then here is a quick run down of some of our history, current goings ons, and future plans.

Gifts By Kaz was created in 2006. Owned and Operated by Steve Kazyaka (KAZ) Gifts by KAZ has become an outlet for new, innovative, and unique products created by inventors, artists, and entrepreneurs from around the states. Our goal is to provide useful gifts to our customers, supported by outstanding customer service and a guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction.

Who is Kaz and what is he up to?

Well, that’s me…..I am a private inventor/ entrepreneur and have currently been focusing on developing and marketing the KAZ e KUP® Ultimate Cup Holder and the NoBrella® Flower Vase. I have been actively pursuing opportunities for these 2 products through inventor shows, gifts shows, this web site as well as Amazon. The KAZ e KUP® has been sold on QVC, Picket fence catalog, Improvements catalog, Wilco, Fast Freddies Truck stops, and more. There are a number of new accessories currently being developed and marketed that allows the KAZ e KUP® to be used as a beach cup holder, camping cup holder, for your deck or patio, for a musician’s Mic stand, on a magnetic surface and much more.

The NoBrella® Flower Vase was the most recent  product added to our selection. I hope you that you will find that it provides a great way to create beautiful floral centerpieces in your patio table’s empty umbrella hole.  Simply place the NoBrella in the patio table umbrella hole, add your favorite fresh flowers (or silks)  and sit back and enjoy.

Why Create Gifts by KAZ?

After being exposed to all the trade shows, I quickly realized that there is a large number of inventors/ entrepreneurs like myself that have created useful products that truly need to be presented to the public. Unfortunately for inventors and new product developer’s this can be a very difficult step to accomplish because most large retailers do now want to work with “one of a kind” product suppliers. The process of marketing a new product can quickly become more costly than the actual developing of the new product itself.. So… GIFTS BY KAZ­­ has now been created in an effort to present these great innovative ideas to you at a low cost while providing private “inventor/entrepreneurs” with the platform to present their amazing new product ideas to the world.

What’s Next?

We are always working on expanding our unique and useful product line with even more items that will make your gift giving experience easy.

Do you have a useful new gift idea that is ready for the market? We would love to hear from you.
Please call us at 845-548-7288 or drop us an email at