KAZeKUP® Clamp On Cup Holder (Post Style) for Horizontal Surfaces



KAZeKUP® Clamp On Cup Holder (post mount) for horizontal surfaces The KAZeKUP Clamp On Cup Holder provides a secure way to hold your drinks. The perfect addition for alongside your desk or work station or in your workshop or studio. Campers and oudoors people love them too! The KAZeKUP® holds a large assortment of drink sizes and keeps them secure and safe from being knocked over and spilled. If it is a vertical surface you need to attach to we have a solution for that too! See the KAZeKUP Elbow Clip!

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The KAZeKUP Clamp On Cup Holder can easily attach in many useful places. Insert the Quickclip™ into the bottom of your KAZeKUP and get more use out of your cup holder.

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The 1-inch steel spring clamp allows you to attach the KAZeKUP to any surface up to 1″ thick. This “post style” clip adapter is specifically made for attaching to horizontal surfaces. Great for your shop, office, RV, tractor and more.

Now it is easy to have your drink close by and safe from accidental spills. With the Quickclip™ you can attach your cup holder in many locations.

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Keep your drink close by and your area spill free with the KAZeKUP Clamp On Cup Holder.


Are you looking for a clip on cup holder for vertical surfaces instead? Check out the 90 Degree Clip On Cup Holder.

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Additional information

Weight .875 lbs

Standard Clamp/ 1 KUP $15.95 USD, 2-Standard Clamps/ 2 KUPs-Save 5% $30.00 USD, 3-Standard Clamps/ 3 KUPs-Save 10% $43.00 USD, 4-Standrad Clamps/ 4 KUPs -Save 15% $54.00 USD, 5-Standard Clamps/5 Kups-Save 20% $63.00 USD


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