KAZeKUP® Clip On Cup Holder With 90 Degree Clamp for vertical mounting


KAZeKUP® Clip On Cup Holder clamps on vertical surfaces up to 1″ thick

The KAZeKUP Clip On Cup Holder provides a convenient way to hold your drinks (and other items) close by and secure. The QuickClip™ makes it easy to move your cup around to where you need it most and makes cleanups fast. The 1″ spring clamp is strong enough to hold even the largest of drinks.

This item is for vertical surface mounting. If you require a horizontal mount (flat) please check out KAZeKUP Post Mount Clamp

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The KAZeKUP® Clip On Cup Holder with it’s elbow style clamp can be easily attached on to many useful locations.

Simply insert the clamp into the bottom of your KAZeKUP and use this convenient clip on cup holder to always keep your drinks close by.

KAZeKUP® Clip On Cup Holder With 90 Degree Clamp for vertical mounting

The perfect addition for every musician. Simply add and remove the KAZeKUP from your microphone stand or drum kits and keep the drinks away from your expensive equipment.

Mechanics love to use this cup holder in their shop or garage to hold drinks or extra tools. Easily add this unique cup holder to your beach chair and keep your drink out of the sand. The 1″ spring clap provides a sturdy and convenient attachment for vertical surfaces. Interested in a clip on cup holder for horizontal surfaces? Check out the “post style” clip on KAZeKUP.

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Weight 4.375 lbs

Elbow Clamp/ 1 KUP $15.95 USD, 2-Elbow Clamps/ 2 KUPs-Save 5% $30.00 USD, 3-Elbow Clamps/ 3 KUPs-Save 10% $43.00 USD, 4-Elbow Clamps/ 4 KUPs -Save 15% $54.00 USD, 5-Elbow Clamps/5 Kups-Save 20% $63.00 USD