KAZeKUP® Cup Holder Insert improves your cup holder

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Keep Your Cup Holders Clean The Easy Way

KAZeKUP® Cup Holder Insert fits in the cup holders found in your car, truck, boat, RV, tractor and more. It’s unique design converts cup holders to hold more size drinks while its funnel design catches and  collects spills, drips, and condensation for easy clean ups. Dishwasher safe.

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KAZeKUP® Cup Holder Insert

Convert your cup holder to be a better cup holder by slipping the KAZeKUP insert in to place.

The KAZeKUP® Cup Holder Insert is a innovative product that solves the most common cup holder problems. You no longer have to deal with messy cup holders from spills and drips or a cup holder that your drink does not fit in properly. Now there is the KAZeKUP® Ultimate Cup Holder. This patented cup holder design helps you keep your car, boat, RV, tractor, golf cart and more  mess-free!

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The KAZeKUP will hold more size drinks and catch the spills and drips! The lower reservoir allows any mess to gather away from you and your drink. Portable and Dishwasher safe makes clean ups easy.

Quickly transform your current cup holder to hold more size drinks while catching any spills or condensation that may occur using the KAZeKUP universal cup holder insert.

The KAZeKUP’S tiered structure accommodates many different cup and bottle sizes. The raised platform in the center of the KUP protects your beverage from spills or drips keeping you and your vehicle clean.

Convert your cup holder to hold more size drinks.

Designed to hold many container sizes the KAZeKUP is ready to hold your favorite Tumbler, your large fountain drinks, your coffee to go, sports drinks, square drinks, coozies and more.

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KAZeKUP catches spills and drips keeping your vehicle clean.

The KAZeKUP is a portable, dishwasher safe cup holder that includes a self contained reservoir to catch and store spills and condensation. Therefore, the  KAZeKUP eliminates the mess that often occurs in and around typical cup holders. This product is ideal for use in cars, trucks, boats, exercise equipment, golf carts, and anywhere else you may find or need a cup holder.

Check out our video showing how the KAZeKUP Ultimate Cup Holder works.



The KAZeKUP keeps your car clean and  your drink drip-free.

When spills occur or condensation begins to form on drinks, it can make a real mess. The KAZeKUP fits into existing cup holders and stops this problem. The fluids are caught in its’ self-containing reservoir where they can be removed and washed easily at a later time.

The KAZeKUP® is recipient of the “Innovative Excellence Award”

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Weight .5 lbs

1 Black KAZeKUP $9.95 USD, BUY 2 GET 1 FREE Black $19.90 USD, 1 Lavender KAZeKUP $9.95 USD, BUY 2 GET 1 FREE Lavender $19.90 USD

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    Fits in the cupholder in my car and holds my favorite drinks. Easy to clean. I just put it in my dishwasher when it gets dirty and then put it back in my cup holder when needed.

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