EZ Open Jar Opener Under Counter Mount


If you struggle to open bottles and jars, toothpaste or mascara, nail polish or…well anything with a screw on lid we are happy to say we have a solution for you. Opening these items has finally been made simple with the under counter mount EZ Off Jar Opener! Perfect for the kitchen, RV, or workshop.

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EZ Open Jar Opener provides the easiest way to open any size jar or bottle lid from 1/2″ to 6″ diameter. Grasp the bottle not the lid and feel the difference. You will be amazed how easy it is to open even the most stubborn of lids.

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Here are just a few reasons why our customers rave about the Under Counter mount EZ Off  Jar Opener.

Unique “under cabinet mounting” conserves space by keeping your kitchen counter or workbench clean and makes sure the EZ Off Easy Jar Opener is ready when you are.

You can get 2-hands on the jar! Gripping and turning the jar is so much easier than trying to turn the lid. Opens lids from nail polish bottle size to 5″ mason jars. Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Sufferers say opening lids becomes easier for them.

Opens child proof bottles with ease.

No electricity needed. Perfect for home and camping environments.

Easy to install and use.

The never fail Jar opener opens all lids effortlessly

The EZ Off Easy Jar opener is unique in its design because you hold and turn the jar or bottle rather than trying to grasp and spin the lid. This simple but powerful design enhancement allows you more leverage for opening any jar or bottle than when trying to grasp and twist the jar lid or bottle cap itself. This also allows you to avoid the pain associated with grasping a tough to remove jar or bottle lid and trying to hold it tight enough to twist it.

Why is the EZ Off Jar Opener a better jar opener for people with arthritis, Carpal tunnel, Fibromyalgia, or painful hands?

The hardest part of opening any bottle or jar lid is often being able to grasp the lid tight enough to twist it without slipping. Even if you can grasp it tight enough you still do not have the leverage or strength to twist and remove stubborn lids and bottle caps. By using the EZ Off Easy Open Jar Opener you will be able to take a comfortable hold of the larger jar or bottle making it far easier to simply turn the jar or bottle and open it.

Why is the under the counter mounting of a jar opener the best way to go?

Let’s face it. The less clutter in the kitchen or kitchen draws the better. The EZ Off Easy Open Jar Opener takes up no counter space or drawer space. Once you mount your new EZ Off Easy Open Jar Opener under the cabinet it will never be in your way. Ever! The best part of it all is you will always know right where it is even though nobody else can see it.

How big of a lid does the EZ off handle?

The EZ Off Jar Opener opens any lid or cap from a 1/2″ nail polish bottle cap up to a 6″ diameter jar lid with ease.

How do you install the EZ Off Easy Open Jar Opener?

The installation of the EZ Off Jar Opener is a simple as 1,2 process. That’s right two easy steps and you will be using your new jar opener.

1.Locate the best spot for your EZ Off jar opener, peel the adhesive liner and affix to the cupboard.

2.(optional) For added strength attach the 3 supplied screws into the pre-formed countersunk holes.
Your new EZ Off Jar Opener is now ready for use.

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