Overshoe Slipper-The BIGFOOT PUSHOVER Felt Slipper


Keeps your floors clean without removing your shoes

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Bigfoot of Maine Overshoe Slipper

Made In USA using recycled materials

The Bigfoot Overshoe Slipper is a unique felt pushover slipper to be worn with your shoes on.

With the BIG FOOT of Maine PUSHOVERS™ Boot and Shoe Slippers you no longer have to bend over and remove your boots or shoes every time you enter your home. Just slip right into your Bigfoot with your shoes on and keep the mess off your floors. Perfect for quick in and outs.

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There are no shoelaces to fuss with so the Bigfoot of Maine pushover™ boot and shoe slipper provides easy in and out access, making the Bigfoot of Maine Indoor Overshoe the perfect accessory for everyone who wants to keep the house floors clean.

Overshoe Slipper-The BIGFOOT PUSHOVER Felt Slipper

Bigfoot Overshoe keeps your home clean

Gardeners love the Big Foot of Maine Overshoe boot and shoe slipper because they keep you from tracking dirt, soil, water and the mess of the garden into your house.

Construction workers are delighted with how quickly and easily they can pull the Big Foot Overshoe boot and shoe slipper on over their work boots allowing them to keep their customer’s homes clean even when they are wearing dirty work boots.

Golfers have learned that the Bigfoot Overshoe allows them to leave their golf shoes on even when coming into the house with wet or grass-covered shoes.

peson wearing muck boots with the Bigfoot Overshoe Slipper Felt Slipper

    Bigfoot Overshoe Boot Slippers Are Easy To Slip Into

Kids are even willing to do there part in keeping the house clean because it’s so easy to slip their Bigfoot overshoe boot slipper on each time they come in the door.

The Bigfoot of Maine Overshoe Slipper makes keeping your house clean easy even when you have your dirty shoes or boots on.

There is a reason we call these the “Marriage Savers”.

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