Woodsman’s Weatherstick Predicts The Weather


The Woodsman’s Weatherstick- Predicting the weather with the Woodsman weather stick is fun for everyone. “It really works!” Each package comes individually wrapped with its own story board making it the perfect gift item.


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A great conversation piece for your garden, home or yard the weatherstick is crafted of natural balsam pine. Product of the USA.

Once you mount this unique weather stick on your patio or outside your window you will be amazed how often you will look to the weatherstick to predict your weather.

When the weather is fair, the Maine Weatherstick will curl upward, but when the rain is approaching the stick will start to curl downward and stay curled down until the bad weather passes.

You and your friends will be delighted with how the Woodsman’s Maine Weather stick predicts the weather! The obvious changes in the Weather stick will entertain and inform your family and friends as the stick bends up and down on its own.

The Made in Maine Woodsman’s Weather Stick is a rustic weather predictor from the back country of New England, USA


This all natural weather predicting barometer is a great way to add charm to your home or camp. Just wait until you see what a conversation piece your Woodsman Weather stick becomes.
Mount your Woodsman’s Maine Weather stick outside your door or window and you will look forward to seeing what it has to “say” each day. If its pointing up, it’s predicting the fair weather. As soon as the rain approaches, your Weatherstick will bend down, alerting you of the incoming weather.


Made from the branches of the Balsam Fir Trees, the Maine Weather Stick duplicates a natural phenomenon which, it is said, the Abenaki Indians were among the first to notice.The branches of the Balsam Fir would curl down when bad weather approached and would bend up when the skies cleared.

Great entertainment for all ages making the Maine Weatherstick the perfect gift idea for everybody.

Woodsman’s Weatherstick Predicts The Weather

Here are a few questions we received about the Woodsman’s Weather Stick and their answers.

Q: How long does the Woodsman Maine Weather stick take to start working?
A: The Weather stick will slowly adjust to your weather and you will probably notice some movement within 5 hours of mounting your new weather stick. Give it 24 hrs and it should be pretty well adjusted.

Q: Which way way does the weather stick point for good weather?
A: The Woodman’s weather stick will bend up with the fair weather. Think of it as a “smile” with good weather and a “frown” with bad weather. If your weather stick is bending the opposite way it may be mounted upside down. Remember the pre-drilled mounting hole goes to the top.

Q: How Does The Weather Stick work? Does the Weather Stick really predict the weather?
A: That’s actually a pretty loaded question. There have been many studies done on how it works and the best we can tell it comes down to the way the Balsam Fir reacts to relative humidity. Getting a little more technical for a minute, the cells on the bottom side of the branch form slightly differently from the cells on the top side of the branch due to the tree’s natural growing patterns. The cells on the bottom of the branch tend to be more in compression from supporting the weight of the branches. When the relative humidity rises (which typically happens right before a rain storm), the compression cells tend to react differently than the normal cells. That is what causes the Weather Stick to bend.

Q: How long will the Weatherstick Last?
A: We have customers that have reported to us that they have had their weather stick for as long as 20 years. We know this is probably a best case scenario and the answer to this question really depends on how much exposure to the elements your weather stick is subject to depending on where you decide to mount it.

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