KAZeKUP® Tailgate Drink Holder, Double


KAZeKUP® Tailgate Drink Holder, Double.
The Tailgate Drink Holder is a sturdy free-standing holder for your KAZ-e-KUP®
Rugged construction and easy set up make this a must for Football, Soccer, Baseball, Camping & tailgating parties! The double KAZeKUP feature allow you to hold twice as much.


The KAZeKUP® Tailgate Drink Holder features rugged plastic post and 4 -leg construction.

Easy to carry and set up and lightweight this product will keep your drinks visible and safe while you have fun at the party. The double KAZeKUP allows you to hold two drinks at the same time or use the second KUP to hold your sunglasses, phone, keys and more. Looking for the single cup holder? Then you will want to check out the single KAZeKUP Tailgate stand.

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Weight 1.8 lbs