Patio Table Umbrella Hole Insert- NoBrella®Flower Vase



The NoBrella® Patio Table Umbrella Hole Insert (otherwise known as The Flower Creation Station™) fits into your patio table umbrella hole and turns it into a flower vase. Display your favorite fresh cut or artificial flowers with ease.

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The NoBrella® Patio Table Flower Vase Umbrella Hole Insert is a truly unique item that brings instant beauty to your outdoor patio table setting. The perfect gift for those who enjoy home decorating, entertaining, and flower enthusiasts alike.

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Simply place the NoBrella into your patio table’s empty umbrella hole, add your favorite flowers, and sit back and enjoy.

“I can’t believe the transformation that took place
to my outdoor living space when I placed
the NoBrella (flower vase) in my patio table’s umbrella hole and
added a few of my favorite flowers”

Chris C. Gold Hill

Often times the umbrella hole ring set on a patio table is broken, left unused, dirty and yellowed, or covered. Now you can instantly transform the umbrella hole into the centerpiece of the whole back yard.

The unique patented designed of the NoBrella Flower Vase allows you to enjoy both your flowers and your guests since the stems now rest BELOW table-level. You and your guests will have the benefit of enjoying the beauty and aroma of your flowers while still being able too see each other across the table without a bulky vase in the way. A truly unique item and great gift idea.


  • Holds 7 oz of water keeping your flowers fresh and secure.
  • Instantly brightens any patio table you put it on. Add your favorite flowers and enjoy.
  • Keeps stems and blossoms low so you can enjoy the flowers and your company
  • Easy to use and to clean
  • Gardeners love using the NoBrella to display their flowers
  • Great for parties and events
  • Every empty umbrella hole should have a NoBrella® Flower vase

“What I like best about the NoBrella is
that most of it sits below the table
and does not block our views.”

Skylar B. Pine Bush, NY

The NoBrella Flower Vase base is over 7″ long and holds
over 7 oz of water below the surface of the table keeping your flowers fresh and secure.

patio table decor,patio table flowers,patio table umbrella hole insert

The NoBrella provides a fun and easy way to add instant color to every patio table.


“I Love My NoBrella Flower Vase.
I have a canopy over my patio table
and this is the perfect solution
for the umbrella hole that was not being used.”

Linda G. Somers, NY


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Weight .5 lbs

1 WHITE NoBrella® $7.95, 2 WHITE NoBrella® $15.00, 3 WHITE NoBrella® $20.00, 1 BRONZE NoBrella® $7.95, 2 BRONZE NoBrella® $15.00, 3 BRONZE NoBrella® $20.00, 1 BLACK NoBrella® $7.95, 2 BLACK NoBrella® $15.00, 3 BLACK NoBrella® $20.00, One of Each Color $20.00


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