Grill Cleaning Made Easy. Clean Your Grill In Less Than A Minute

Time To Clean The Grill? Get a Grill Gadget.

It’s summertime and the barbeque is getting lots of use. Sizzling steaks, juicy burgers, ballpark franks…what could be a better way to spend the day than having your friends and family over to enjoy a barbeque? (other than maybe going to their house for the barbeque).

Unfortunately for most of us cleaning the barbeque grill has always been a hassle. I recently set out on a mission to find a better way to clean my grill and I am here to tell you that something as simple as choosing the right tool can actually make the job easy and safe.

You may have been hearing a lot of talk in the news lately about the dangers of a wire barbeque brush. The Center For Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning stating their concerns with the increased numbers of reports of people choking on barbeque brush bristles that get stuck in their food.

The wire barbeque brush that we are all used to using can actually be a danger to you and your family

Apparently, the bristles from the brush can fall out of the brush during cleaning and are then picked up by the food during cooking. Then when the individual bites into their food, the bristles get stuck in their throat or ingested into their systems. Pretty scary stuff. It seems to be happening more and more that emergency rooms are reporting an increase in these incidences. I personally have vowed never to use one of these brushes again, and that was before I read about all the bacteria that live in a used barbeque brush. yuk!

I believe I have found the better way to clean my grill by finding the Grill Gadget. The Grill Gadget is a unique tool made in the USA (2 thumbs up for that) that is guaranteed for life. Not just the life of your current grill but the life of all of your grills.

The Grill gadget created by private inventor Andrew Martin of Ramer, Tennessee is the perfect replacement for your old nasty and potentially dangerous grill brush.

The Grill gadget is made with a brass head that is designed to conform to your specific grill grate. With an easy “swipe and wipe” technique, you can quickly clean each grate of all the old food and grizzle debris, regardless of if the grill is hot or cold. The polished brass head assures that your grates do not get scratched or damaged even if they are porcelain. The Grill Gadget is made to fit just about any grill grate shape or size (you choose between the “Grill Queen” head and the “Grill King” head, depending on your grill style). The inventor of the product, Mr. Andrew Martin even makes custom heads for those “oddball grill styles that come along every once in a while” The grill gadget is a solid construction consisting of a brass head, an aircraft grade aluminum shaft and a hand design wooded handle. None of the parts are breakable during normal use, therefore eliminated the concerns of the grill brush.

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Here are additional helpful hints on how to keep your grill its cleanest:

1) Always clean the grill after each use. Don’t wait until the next use. Leaving grizzle and charred materials on the grill for an extended period of time will prematurely erode and deteriorate the grill grates and can lead to rusting. It is always best to clean the grill right after each use. After all, don’t you clean your stove after each use?

2) Coat the grates with a little bit of Olive oil prior to cooking or better yet Grape seed oil if you have it. The oil will help keep the meats from sticking to the grates in the first place.

3) Keep your grill covered between uses.

4) At least once a year, do a thorough cleaning of all the parts of the grill. This may require you to remove parts from the grill for inspection (the burners are always an important part of this inspection) You may need to replace a worn, broken or clogged part as needed. Read your manual and make sure all gas is turned off and disconnected before any inspections are done. During this yearly cleaning, be sure to flip the brickets in your gas grill over. This will put the clean side up again and allow the dirty side to be closer to the flames to be burned clean once again. Learn more here.