Umbrella Hole Insert For Patio Table

Turn Your patio Table Umbrella Hole Into A Beautiful Floral Centerpiece

The NoBrella® Flower Vase fits in your patio table’s empty umbrella hole allowing you to create beautiful floral arrangements the whole family can enjoy.

Umbrella hole insert fits in patio table umbrella hole

NoBrella® Flower Vase simply drops into your patio table’s empty umbrella hole (when you are not using the umbrella, hence The “No” “Brella”) and allows you to display your favorite fresh cut or artificial flowers.

The unique patented design of the NoBrella allows the stems of the flowers to sit below the surface of the table so that your floral display has a low profile and does not block your view across the table. This allows you to enjoy both your flowers, and your guests, at the same time.

The NoBrella keeps your flowers from blowing over or being knocked over.

It’s easy to display your favorite flowers for any occasion with the NoBrella.

  1. Cut your flowers to a variety of lengths from 9″ to 17″ long
  2. Place the NoBrella Flower Vase in your Patio Table Umbrella Hole
  3. Create an arrangement of flowers in the NoBrella Flower Vase (do not overdue it. Less is more most of the time)
  4. Add water if you are using real flowers
  5. Sit Back an enjoy!

Your family and friends will love sitting at the table with the NoBrella in it.

When you want to cover the umbrella hole in your patio table you can add the NoBrella Flower Vase and decorate it with your favorite flowers
  • Fits in any patio table umbrella hole 1 9/16″ or larger and turns it into a flower vase
  • Makes it easy to decorate your patio table umbrella hole with your favorite flowers
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Adds beauty to every table setting
  • Dishwasher safe

“I Love My NoBrella.
I have a canopy over my patio table
and this is the perfect solution
for the umbrella hole that was not being used.”
Linda G. Somers, NY

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